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Better knowing, better future. —— a Georgia customer's experience in COOWIN

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    COOWIN have received two customers from Georgia recently. Since we have communicated long time through e-mails before and the customer also mentioned his interest in China several times, so we helped the customer make a special schedule as our feedback for their trust.  On the one hand, we showed them COOWIN’s company and factory, introduced the products’ process. On the other hand, we made an arrangement for their travel in China.

The customers themselves have worked on outdoor decking and other building materials for many years, so the purpose they came to COOWIN’s headquarter this time is about purchasing of outdoor decking, also including the future business discuss with COOWIN.

Giorgi Vepkhvadze (The customer’s name) and his wife came together to China and we first met in the hotel we have arranged in advance.  He is a charming person and his wife is also pretty too.

After a short talk we arrived at the COOWIN’s headquarter near QingDao airport. The headquarter was built in 2000 and has developed for 16 years by now. COOWIN was one of the earliest wood-plastic composite manufacturers in China, though we lag behind other North America and Europe over a decade, since the wpc’s outstanding characteristics have been showed, now more and more wpc production have been approved by the public in China. At present, wpc production were widely use in our daily life. For example in QingDao, we can see lots of wpc materials were used in walkway, landscape, cabin, advertisement board, fencing, flower box and so on, showing wpc’s practical and decorative characters greatly.

In COOWIN’s headquarter, reception and I showed Mr. and Mrs. Vepkhvadze our sample room, including wpc decking, wpc cladding, and other wpc material samples. After 16 years’ development, COOWIN has accumulated more than a hundred molds can satisfied customers’ different environment and performance demands.

After the production manager introduced details of different wpc types, we went to COOWIN factory with Mr. and Mrs. Vepkhvadze . There were some small projects of outdoor decking, cladding, fencing, railing etc in the factory, and we stayed and watched for a while. 

Then we browsed the whole produce process. Went through different workshops specialized in granulating, extruding, and after-processing. Mr. Vepkhvadze was satisfied by our quality control and final production, gave us some suggestions meanwhile. At last, Mr. Vepkhvadze shared his view about outdoor materials, especially his thoughts of wpc’s development tendency, left me deep impress. To be honest, it was my honor indeed to make friend with such true thought person.